Who’s writing?

IMG_3321Hi, my first name’s Jennifer and surname’s Chan, but most friends call me Jen/JChan. 21, Chinese, 5’8.

In July 2015, I completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature at New College, Oxford University, and am currently working as an education consultant back home.

Home for me is Hong Kong, a tiny peninsula-cum-island city right on the border of Southern China. Rather poetically known as ‘the Pearl of the Orient’, for me it’s more of a capitalist concrete jungle –

“in whom I see
Much that I love, and more that I admire,
And all that I abhor;”

– a la William Cowper on London in his 1785 poem The Task. So yes, familiarity does breed contempt, but home will always be where the heart lies. All idiomatic kitsch aside, I have decided to start this blog for two reasons:

1) I value and enjoy writing, because I think it’s the last bastion of human communication in an age where the algorithm trumps all. Let’s restore the imperative of dialogue and connection.

2) I am highly opinionated and passionate about a quirky rag-bag of things, among which include all forms of literature (duh), literary criticism and its social relevance (“but why?!!”), oatmeal (yes you read me right), nutrition and mental health. Very simply, I’d like to show you why these things are great/matter a lot/merit more attention than they are currently getting.

Like many of you out there, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs in life – some trivial, others not so much, but all character-building. These I’ll try my best to talk about in future blog posts. I believe that in life everyone finds their own source(s) of strength, and for me, these have mainly come about through my encounters with words (i.e. reading) and experimentations with my morning oatmeal/porridge (i.e. cooking). You may find this a somewhat eccentric combo; I can only vouch for its personal effectiveness.

So this is what my blog will mostly be about – musings on books/poetry/authors/the state of lit today, as well as my breakfast recipe concoctions (mostly because I am a big morning person – controv I know, but at least you’ve been warned).

As I’m writing this circa late May 2015, my site traffic count amounts to one big 0, but optimism tells me there’ll be more readers down the line (such as you, dear reader, who has made it through my self-indulgent intro up to this point). Any requests/reviews/questions, then, are much welcomed, so feel free to either comment on any posts/fill in the comment box below. I’ll try my best to get back to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Who’s writing?

  1. Hi, I’m also from Hong Kong who is currently studying Eng Lit, History, Religious Studies and Politics for A level in the UK. I love reading too and hopefully I can study Arts at university one day. But as a non-native English speaker, I would always love to know how to improve my language skills (writing in particular). Thus, it would be much appreciated if you could offer me some suggestions.


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