Who’s writing?

IMG_3321Hi! I’m Jen Chan, the blogger behind Classic Jenisms, which is a literary blog that features essays on why reading literature matters to our daily living, as well as interviews with poets, novelists and booksellers based in Hong Kong and China.

After poring over Shakespearean sonnets and ploughing through Dickensian novels in the land of Yorkshire puddings and Earl Grey tea bags, I have since returned to Hong Kong with a passion to make English reading more interesting to more people.

My favourite things are colour-coded bookshelves, Lonely Planet maps and pumpkins.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog – any comments or feedback would be much welcomed and appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Who’s writing?

  1. Hi, I’m also from Hong Kong who is currently studying Eng Lit, History, Religious Studies and Politics for A level in the UK. I love reading too and hopefully I can study Arts at university one day. But as a non-native English speaker, I would always love to know how to improve my language skills (writing in particular). Thus, it would be much appreciated if you could offer me some suggestions.


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