Blogging Scotland…

10th June update:

Am in the process of compiling my 40+-page, A3-sized ‘live blog’ travelogue notes. A total of 20,000 words. Verbosity is my default, I know, but even so, this is a staggering figure for a week-long trip. Which is also why I must, for the benefit of the reader (you), plow through and condense a lot of that crap into reasonable ‘blog-sized’ posts in a TL;DR world.

Not gone AWOL on wordpress already; it’s just that this whole Wordsworthian ‘charting the growth of one’s mind’ project is proving to involve more emotional labour than writerly leisure. There’s so much introspection at stake it’s frightening. But also liberating. Strangely liberating.


(25th May)

Heading up to Scotland tomorrow – Edinburgh, then Glasgow till 3 June. Expecting scenes of Nessie and the like. Will be blogging my travels in due time. Watch this space.

PS. Expect Robert Burns, James Hogg, Robert Louis Stevenson & co. to be featured. All of ’em Scottish literary greats, innit.


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